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Dhandho Partners is a private investment firm that offers turnkey succession planning to a single business.

We bring operational capability, growth capital and leadership that enables an owner to sell and exit the business knowing the company is in good hands

A Better Way Forward for Your Business

Succession planning is a big undertaking and not one to be considered lightly. Owners should to get to know the team that will be stewarding their business going forward. Dhandho is open and transparent during the process. We invite you to connect with us and learn our story. 

Why Dhandho


Dhandho Partners sits as an alternative to (and often in between) traditional venture capital and private equity investors by offering a unique form of succession planning. We are looking for a business that is profitable beyond the "start-up" phase, is growing and boasts a differentiated value proposition.Our ideal situation is an owner who is looking to step back from operations while also crystallizing gains and value in the business.

Our approach to succession planning is unequivocally growth-oriented. We add value to an investment by building upon the existing strengths and capabilities of the business, but also by injecting cash to expand operations, shore up gaps in management, and address potential weaknesses in IT and systems infrastructure. 


Uniquely, Dhandho is not a passive investor. Our turnkey succession plan includes assuming daily operational responsibilities of the business, as well as providing good governance in the form of a strong board of directors. Notably, our group includes world-class advisors and operators who collectively bring more than 200 years' experience in investing, operating and growing small and medium-sized businesses. Simply put, we will not invest in a company in which we do not believe we can add value.


We believe in FAIR business valuations for owners

We are DISCREET and EFFICIENT in our due diligence


We are OPEN, HONEST and TRANSPARENT in communication

The Principal



Shrikesh Majithia founded Dhandho Partners after identifying an investment need at the intersection of growth capital and succession planning for privately-owned businesses. At the time, Shrikesh was a Ph.D. student at London Business School; he returned his full-scholarship to LBS to launch Dhandho.

Professionally, Shrikesh has over 12 years' experience analyzing, acquiring, and advising small and medium-sized businesses.  Prior to attending LBS, Shrikesh worked for Imperial Capital Group Ltd., a private equity firm, where he worked closely with two CEOs to develop growth strategies for their businesses and assembled the management talent required to execute these plans. During this time, he also served as CFO of one of the companies and helped to establish new performance metrics, develop a "management by objective" framework for senior management, expand the company's product line, and oversee the acquisition of a complimentary business. Shrikesh began his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he consulted for 20+ companies, identifying supply chain inefficiencies, assessing new product opportunities, and analyzing strategic plans of established companies. He earned his CPA designation in 2008 while at the firm. He also earned an MBA in 2013. 

Personally, Shrikesh attributes innate curiosity and knowledge accumulation to the mark of great leaders, and is a habitual reader of The Economist, Fortune, and a variety of authors. (His favorites include T.E. Lawrence, Walter Isaacson and Kazuo Ishiguro.) An avid sports fan, Shrikesh also idolizes John Wooden, Gregg Popovich, Bill Belichick, and Jerry Sloan - strategists who built dynamic-yet-simple systems using quality personnel, attention to detail, and a relentless focus on execution. It is these tenets that Shrikesh brings to the table when working closely with companies and their management teams.

In his spare time, Shrikesh can be found cooking, climbing, or watching the Toronto Raptors.



We are looking for the right businesses in which to invest. To that end, we have certain situations and business characteristics we prefer, as well as select minimum criteria.

Company Financial Characteristics:

  • Total Enterprise Value between $10 million and $70 million

  • EBITDA or Free Cash Flow between $2 million and $8 million per year

  • Profit margin greater than 15%

Company Qualitative Characteristics:

  • Defensible market proposition

  • Strong fundamentals; not in need of a turnaround 

  • Business operating in a growing sector 

  • Top line either flat or growing

Owner's Reason for Sale:

  • Owner looking to step back from operations / retire

  • Owner wishing to take on a partner to take the business to the next level

  • Owner needing to sell for non-business reasons 

Sectors of Interest:

  • Healthcare Software and Services

    • Medical records solutions, medical billing & receivables management

    • Healthcare IT outsourcing/workflow automation

    • Practice management solutions/software; practitioner staffing and recruiting 

    • Para-health and multi-disciplinary clinics (including physio, chiro and massage therapy)

    • Behavioral health clinics and services 

    • Managed Care Providers; Post-Acute Care specific services

    • Dental and Vision Care  Practices, Practice Management Software, Support Organizations 

    • Healthcare equipment tracking 

    • Clinical trial management / toxicology laboratory 

  • Business Services

    • Document management, ECM, workflow automation

    • Business process outsourcing, including HR payroll, PEO and compliance

    • Fleet logistics and dispatch coordination; telecom, expense, and wireless management services   

    • Accounting and related services 

    • Recruiting, staffing and talent management 

    • Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE)

    • Compliance, inspection, certification, testing services 

    • Benefits and insurance claims consulting and management 

    • Commercial cleaning services 

  • Technology Services

    • On-premise or cloud-hosted software solutions with a recurring revenue base 

    • Subscription, telecom, accounting and practice/practice management solutions

    • Field service, food, facility and asset/fleet management solutions 

    • SalesForce consulting services 

We will opportunistically look at most industries other than direct manufacturing, construction, and brick & mortar retail


​​We keep all conversations strictly private and confidential

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